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Product:Emergency Ventilator


Used for first-aid and transport on various occasions.

Main Features:
1. Easy to operate, easy to carry.
2. Has the function of security protection.
3. The main components are imported high-end devices, which can run stably and reliably for a long time.

Parameters and Functions:
1. CMV, adjustable respiratory rate, adjustable I:E, adjustable tidal volume.
2. Build-in relief valve, which will deflate automatically when the airway pressure is too high, avoiding the injury of over ventilation.
3. In the process of using, the ventilator will stop ventilating immediately and open the autonomous airway when it is suddenly shut down or power cut.

Product Specification:
Size dimension of mainframe: length*height*width 380x120x240 mm
Weight of mainframe: 3kg

Service Conditions:
AC: 110V ~240V, DC: 12V.
Build-in Li-battery: 12V, 2Ah, working time: more than 8 hours.
Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.

Basic configuration:
Mainframe of ventilator, breathing circuits, pressure reducing valve, high-pressure oxygen tubes, power adapter, mask, etc.