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Component Name:

Humidifier base, humidifier tank

Technical Characteristics:

  • The heating temperature can set 9 different gears to meet different requirements.
  • Airway gas temperature is displayed by thermometer, which is intuitive and accurate.
  • It has overheating automatic protection function, and water tank can be repeatedly used with high temperature and high pressure disinfection.

Main Function:

Heating and humidifying the air flow of ventilator; reducing the stimulation of ventilation to the heart and lung system; keeping the alveoli moist; diluting the sputum. It is ore beneficial to phlegm absorption and respiratory nursing, preventing the obstruction of the airway and reducing the high- pressure alarm of the ventilator.

Configuration Description:

Dimension: 135(W)*170(H)*160(D)mm
Weight: 1.2kg (without water)